Harmonia Ecstatic Dance Festival

Harmonia Ecstatic Dance Festival is an amazing way to prolong your summer on one of Greece’s most beautiful islands.

The ecstatic dance festival organisers say:

We dreamed of a gathering where dance will be the vehicle and where ecstasy will be the reason to drop the habits, take the masks off and allow authenticity to shine. It’s an occasion to allow the simple joy of being to be our guide in a celebration where everything has a reason and everything is allowed, where the celebration becomes an instrument of personal and spiritual growth: for life, for connection, for creative expression of body mind and spirit, in harmony with Existence.

‘Feel your feet stepping into an ancient land where Sapho the Muse lived and created poetry 2500 years ago. Feel your feet dancing ecstatically under an oak tree in the 350m2 marble and wood Buddha Grove where people have been meditating for more than 30 years.

‘Inviting DJs, artists, musicians and facilitators from Greece and many other countries, we are creating a fusion of traditional and electronic dance music to create a unique, unforgettable ecstatic experience you’ve never had before!

‘Feel your body revealing in the beauty of nature on this Greek island in soft Autumn. And then… imagine yourself swimming at one of the best beaches in Greece, 2km long, half of it reserved for those who want to swim freely without clothes.
Now, tell yourself that this is not a dream but a reality YOU can enjoy if you register for this amazing event!’

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