Wild Love Festival

In the pure wilds of the north, close to the arctic circle WILD LOVE emerges!

Iceland welcomes you to join a growing heart centred family, in the 4th year of its vibrant Festival birthing, We celebrate the authentic expression that is YOU.

This is co-creation vibrating with conscious transformative energy.

Our team of 25 experienced facilitators will offer a wide variety of workshop experiences exploring ways of igniting ever more Life Force into our sensual as well as daily life.

On the journey of personal emergence there exist many opportunities, through multiple ways to discover ever more fulfilment and harmony. This return to our authentic nature can be supported by:

• Releasing old patterns & opening up to new ways
• Allowing for deeper intimacy with ourselves and others
• Finding ways to embody the spiritual journey
• Establishing healthy boundaries and communicating them
• Exploring our feminine and masculine, dark and light sides
• Playing, moving, breathing, singing
• Getting turned ON to LIFE

Let us be your hosts to engage with the new or open up to even deeper explorations of your existing connections to self, community, earth and beyond.

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wild love festival iceland