Forgotten Land: Ecstatic Dance Spring Festival

Build your emotional awareness and plunge into a joyful celebration of dance at the Forgotten Land Ecstatic Dance Spring Festival. With workshops including Radikal flow, Contact jams, and more, you are in for a transformative 5 days tucked in a stunning Bavarian forest. The program includes ecstatic musicians and experienced teachers to join you on your creative journey.

The festival organisers say:

“Forgotten Land Community encourages people to recognize and use their own creative potential. In the workshops, meetings and festivals, we work together with different artistic methods to immerse ourselves in a flow state that allows everyone to blossom self-forgetfully in play. This can awaken self-healing forces and activate community-oriented solution and life designs.

“Laughing, energetic people build a new community. The town of Schönsee is located on the Czech border between Weiden, Cham and Pilsen. A good hour away from Regensburg, the young cooperative has found a stately hotel including a vacation village and moved in there in January 2016.”

“In the Forgotten Land we work for the heart of the community. The Forgotten Land owns no land, engages in existing sustainable land communities and flows to where the heart of the community is.”

“In our ritualised Festivals, Gatherings, Journeys we do not follow the mind, but as many ancient wisdom traditions suggest, we follow life. Life is constant change, is wisdom not knowledge. Is eternal if you do not hold on to it. Do not hold on to the past, always be ready to go with the new. The one who goes with the new will find again everything that lies hidden in the old.

The one who clings to the old will find neither what is hidden in the old, nor what is hidden in the new. The way is not given you have to create it first by walking it.”

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