Festival de Danse Contact Improvisation

Enjoy 7 days in one of the most beautiful villages in France, participating in intimate workshops, jams, and live performances at Festival Contact Improvisation. Delicious vegetarian delights will be served while you enjoy a cozy atmosphere and connect with nature as well as each other through the practice of contact improvisation dance. This is an exciting opportunity for only 35 guests, so register quickly!

contact improv dance

The festival organizers say:

“This festival was born from an initiative between a brother and a sister and their passion for dance. Mercè Nebot, who has lived in French Provence for 20 years, and Pep Nebot, who lives in Barcelona, have joined forces to create this space for sharing dance, creation and beauty.
At each edition, people of different nationalities have gathered for the Festival, in particular from France and Spain, but each year other nationalities join us, which is very enriching and allows the establishment of a cultural bridge around art, dance and creativity.”

In this festival we want to prioritize some approaches:
• Quality pedagogy in Contact Improvisation dance to promote better body awareness;
• Welcoming a small group that will live together for a week an intimate and profound human adventure. We want to generate a sense of belonging to the group and a sense of community, by creating an inclusive, generous and supportive environment;
• Contact with nature, surround yourself with aesthetic beauty and charismatic villages of the deep Provence;
• The cultural exchange between participants, locals and international visitors; We have already experienced on many occasions that, when people with different cultures and life experiences get together, we all grow in a spiral of creativity and self-knowledge;
• Live Contact Improvisation in its essence, with its living principles present at all times: self-respect and respect for the other, sense of group, security and creativity, movement in gravity, contact, attention and self-knowledge, among others.”

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