Solstice Dance and Music Festival

The Solstice Dance and Music Festival is a celebration of Life, Joy, Healing, and Self inquiry occurring during four days of Summer Solstice. Get ready for a wild time in the forests of Latvia, by the beautiful banks of the Daugava river. This year it’s time for the 8th annual Puduri, Ķegums Summer Solstice Festival. Here you can experience rituals and ceremonies, concerts and dance parties, musical performances shamanic journeys yoga, tantra, and meditation…

“This isn’t your grandma’s solstice party, we’re talking four days of non-stop fun, rituals, and ceremonies that will make your head spin. We’re talking Līgo night like you’ve never seen it before, it’s gonna be a wild ride. We’ll be celebrating Mother Earth, her power, and support, and honoring our ancestors and their heritage. But don’t worry, we’ll also be dancing and singing our hearts out for a divine future. The time has come to return to our Core, our Quintessence. The Shamanic path is powerful support to get to know oneself. Which is crucial to develop the bond with Mother Earth and all that is.”

Get to know the Solstice Dance & Music Festival in 2023!