Osho Festival of Music and Meditation

The Osho Festival of Music and Meditation is an event for every age group. Participants can immerse themselves in an enchanted world of sounds and stillness that is filled with joy and laughter. You will be gathering to soak in the beauty of nature in the Alentejo hills during full moon. an opportunity to act youthfully once again while having fun, singing, and dancing in celebration of earth life!

The Osho Festival of Music and Meditation is a journey that combines many forms of therapy and meditation. You’ll make room inside of yourself, experience beauty, light, and a sense of community. It stresses a joyful outlook on life and spiritual enlightenment and was inspired by Osho’s image of Zorba the Buddha. The programme seeks to achieve harmony between the Buddha and Zorba facets. Zorba is firmly anchored in his body and relationships and appreciates every part of life. Buddha is anchored in one’s own self and expresses inner quietness. Osho’s teachings, which include his ground-breaking meditation techniques, therapeutic tools, and integration of music and bodily expression, assist participants in letting go of stress and tension gathered throughout the day and in re-connecting with the flow of life.

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