New Healing Festival

The New Healing Festival is a festival of development, relaxation, personal growth, a wellness oasis for body, mind, and soul and – the most central and important – for participation, exchange, and sharing.

The New Healing Festival is a festival where individuals can be themselves and participate in activities that promote personal growth, relaxation, and wellness for the body, mind, and soul. The festival is centered on the individual and encourages participation, exchange, and sharing. It is a space for people to come together and share their experiences, knowledge, and performances.

The organizer says: “Our goal is to provide a space for everyone to develop and to create and bring to life this space together with you. We, as the New Healing Festival, primarily take on the task of creating the framework and ensuring that everything runs reliably. This creates space for creative, intellectual and spiritual development. So that all visitors and participants can focus on the essentials, we take care of ensuring that parking, basic needs, water, power, necessary permits, and waste disposal are taken care of. This is necessary so that we can gather at this idyllic and magical place, in the middle of nature!”

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