Impulse Festival

The Impulse Festival is a gathering created with love, with talented and dedicated artists and facilitator. A really unique and avant-gardist International festival dedicated to the 18-35 generation.

All workshops are categorized so that you know how advanced or challenging the exercises you will encounter. The practices are done in many forms: individually, in groups and in pairs, in a safe space together of clear boundaries and mutual respect. Our international trainers will hold daily 8 different two-hour workshops with different levels of intimacy and depth: 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, running simultaneously, so you will have a wide variety to choose from. They will take place at our 4 different spaces: Impulse Heart, 2 large indoor rooms, creative space, chill out Most workshops will offer a space where body, heart and mind will be integrated.

“For to all races, genders, beliefs and level of experience. Here all is welcome: your light and your shadow, your sexy horniness and tender vulnerability! Joy, pleasure, celebration and love, as well as resting in peace and stillness.”

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