Istvan Sky Healing Music Retreat

My dear Friends!

Welcome to this special gathering! This is the time to come together, to find health, to settle in nature, to share love and create a community.

During the five days we are going to be working with the elements of fire, water, air and earth, singing mantras, breathing as long as the heart opens, and calling our ancestors with shamanic drumming, sharing the truth of who we really are.

Come and join this magical circle in the Hungarian forest, and bring your instrument if you wish! We hope to see you there!

about the event:

‘This summer we are bringing together a very special gathering to create a space for beauty and love to be shared and where we all can re-connect. This retreat will be based on workshops and teachings throughout the 5 days. The focus will be on singing and conscious breathing, and the opening of our potential to self healing. Working with our voice and breathwork will be the two key components of the event and all other activities will be organised around those such as sound journey, meditation, yoga, dancing, drumming, concerts etc.’

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