August Summer Retreats in the Mountains of Spain| Iyengar Yoga, Meditative Arts and Traditional Tantra

The yoga retreat organisers say:
‘During the month of August we will be staying at Casa Rural el Pagano, one of the best retreat centres in Spain, located in between the regions of Sierra de Gredos and Valle del Tiétar, easy to reach from Madrid and Seville. From August 1st to 21st we will accept students from all around the world. You can enter the retreat centre every Tuesday and Friday. 

During the Summer Yoga retreats we will enjoy the art of breathing, through powerful breathing patterns and pranayamas. We explore the meditative gaze in stillness and movement, integrating traditional practices with free movement, sound vibration and various spiritual dances.

In these Iyengar Yoga retreats we are accompanied by the philosophical weight of Kashmir non-dualism or also called Kashmir Tantrism. This creates a halo of acceptance and embrace of all that we are.

Our summer Yoga Retreats take place in the space of the Hospedería del Silencio and Casa Rural El Pagano, their food, the landscapes that welcome us, invite us to rest. Nothing to do. And it is here that beauty reveals itself, allowing us to abandon ourselves to the game of life.

Spanish yoga retreats

From the integration of Iyengar Yoga, hatha Yoga, dance and traditional Kashmir Tantra. A contemporary look using visualizations and group dynamics for self-discovery.

The goal: there is no goal. You can drop just as you feel and are in all Yoga retreats, in a safe and cared for space. The purpose is simply to observe you.

From touch and based on the art of Ayurvedic massage from India, we will go through the landscapes of the body, our own and others, through the hands and the inner gaze.

These retreats are aimed at Yoga practitioners and teachers, dancers, therapists, body professionals, and for anyone interested in a week of self-exploration in the Sierra de Gredos.’