To Be Confirmed: Ignite Flow Arts Gathering

This full immersion flow arts festival is a much-awaited event in the annual festival calendar in all of Europe.

The location of the event is a stunning terrain nicknamed “The Star”, creating a magical space for the flow arts community to camp, train, dance, and share skills and talent with fellow artists.

IGNITE, the community that organizes the event has not yet announced the details for this year’s event.


Ignite Flow Arts Community/Facebook

The festival organizers say:

“To ignite is to literally catch fire or to cause to catch fire. It also means to arouse or inflame an emotion or situation. And that is exactly what we want to do: Ignite your passion for flow arts!
With this event, we want to promote flow arts and bring together the European Flow Community. Please come and join us! You can follow workshops given by national and international teachers, share tricks, jam, connect, hug and enjoy our amazing fire show gala (with a première!) and after party!”

Learn more at Ignite Flow Arts Community