To Be Confirmed: Schloss Schönburn 2022

This Austrian Burning Man-inspired event is held at Ferienschloss Wetzlas. It is a lovely castle surrounded by the stunning Austrian countryside turned into a Burner’s paradise and a magical ground filled with lots of creative energy and love. It is different every year and filled with art, workshops, and other performances.

The dates of this year’s event are yet to be confirmed.


The festival organisers say:

“Schloss Schönburn is a fully participatory event, which means that you are NOT a visitor, coming to consume and be entertained. Instead, you are expected to be an active part of this experience by contributing and co-creating to the best of your abilities, may it be big or small. There are plenty of ways to contribute! You might bring an art project, do a performance, offer a workshop, share food, drinks or other gifts with others, or volunteer to be one of the many people who keep the castle running!”

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