The Tribal Vibe Village Retreat Tantra festival

The Tribal Vibe Village Retreat looks like a gorgeous way to come together in an intimate little tantra festival with a strong community feeling.

Denmark tantra festival

The tantra retreat organisers say:

‘Join us this summer for the perhaps sweetest, most juicy and expanding time of your life. We gather as a tribe to explore ourselves and each other with workshops in: Tantra, Wheel of Consent, Authentic Relating, meditation, dance, breathwork, voice healing, rebirthing, ropes, tantra massage, shadow- and archetype work, emotional release tools and much, much more.

Why join the Tribal Vibe Village Retreat?

  • Do you miss close encounters with mature adults, and would you like to feel the incredible and vibrant magic 100 generous human beings can generate in a sensual and authentic tribal environment?

  • Are you curious about discovering and nurturing parts of yourself inside the comfort and safe boundaries of a caring tribe?

  •  Would you like to form relations built on a solid foundation of consent, honour and authenticity?

  • Would you like to escape “the matrix” for a while, and want to play with edginess and open heart energy?

tantra teacher

When: Begin your The Tribal Vibe experience on these dates: 24 July or 28 July 2021.

Where: Møn Retreat Center, Askeby, Denmark

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