To be confirmed: Melting Into Love – Conscious Relating, Intimacy & Sexuality Festival

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event…

They pay attention to have a gender-balanced event and have teachers experienced in living tantra, sacred sexuality, sexological bodywork, tantric massage, intimate presence, shamanic rituals and yoga.

Melting Into Love Festival organizers say:

“We have added an extra day this year so there is more time to drop into the experience of intimate connection. We create a space for you to explore your edges and open to vulnerability within a grounded, safe and non-judgemental environment.

You will be supported into conscious relating, intimacy and sexuality. Developing your awareness, embodiment and loving heart. Feeling more aliveness, passion and pleasure in who you are and how you connect to others. We have daily live music to the event with Tarisha and her band playing for the morning meetings, dance meditations and some workshops. It brings a very special, juicy, alive vibe to the whole event.”

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