To be confirmed: Yoga Sound Festival

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event…

The organizers of the Yoga Sound Festival say (according to Google Translate):

“Yoga and meditation festival at Domaine du Taillé in Ardèche

Take advantage of an enchanted break of 4 days to discover different yoga practices and sound immersions! 36 workshops offered by 12 certified teachers, 1 naturopath, 1 musician, 1 Physiotherapist.

We take ‘almost’ the same and start again.

They come back for our greatest pleasure: The ELEA group ( Swann Gong and Ely Goa ) for relaxations, Gong Bath, and electro mantra chants, Stephanie Aulestia for soft vinyasa but also Charlotte Saint Jean, Anne Piovesan de Déjeuners On L’Herbe, Julien Levy, Katherine Hollier and Andrea Filipe, Dr Jocelyne Borel-Kuhner, Claude Mori.

And the arrival of 4 new teachers and 1 musician, Stéphane Wintenberger from Onlyoga Lyon, Roland Granottier, Sharleen Mary and Martin Dubois, Emilie JOannon and Antoine Lefebvre.”

Learn more about the Yoga Sound Festival.