Impulse Festival

Impulse Festival is a gathering located in the beautiful atmosphere of the Château Anand. It is a special event for millennials, that demographic cohort famous for being lazy and spoiled for some people and open-minded and creative for others. Impulse Festival believes in the latter and encourages 18 to 35 year-olds to join them in the journey of exploration and expression of being alive.

They offer eight different two-hour workshops. You will be meditating, practicing Sadhana, yoga and tantra, singing Bhajans, dancing, creating and most importantly: expressing who you are.

Gepostet von Vasanti am Dienstag, 2. April 2019

The organizers say:

“We have created a unique event for the 18-35 y/o generation to explore through ARTS, WORKSHOPS, GATHERINGS and RITUALS. Impulse is not just another festival but a unique and avant-gardist International festival dedicated to the 18-35 generation. A gathering created with love, with talented and dedicated artists and facilitator.

Impulse is for to all ages, races, genders, beliefs and level of experience. Everything is welcome, your light and your shadow, your vulnerability. Joy, vulnerability as well as resting in peace.

All workshops are categorized so that you know how advanced or challenging the exercises you will encounter.”

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