To be confirmed: Ecstatic Dance Fest

Ecstatic Dance Fest offers sets of ecstatic dance, yoga sessions, contact improvisation classes, massage jams, breathwork, experimental theater, live music and many more.

What can be better than finding your own flow and following it across the trees at the top of the mountains? Ecstatic Dance gives a chance to express yourself spontaneously and without a limitation through dance. It is an opportunity to follow whatever comes from within you. You won’t need a dance education to do so, music will lead its way to your soul and then to your body.

They offer multiple accommodation styles and you can take advantage of their vegetarian meals 3 times a day for a very reasonable price. .

The organizers say:

“This Fest will take place already for the second time!

Our festival is a space of creativity and dance, where we combined the party vibes of the music festivals and the depth of workshops aimed at revealing the personality … opening the heart.

This year we called it – “The Tribe”, means our connection at the global heart level. We want to draw our attention to the connection with the ancestors, with ethnic groups and traditions of different countries, to celebrate our Unity.

For a whole week, lovers of free and spontaneous dance, contact improvisation, performers, yogis, the strongest guides, musical shamans and all, who love to explore life and move with it’s rhythm, will gather together in a beautiful place!

You do not need to be taught specially how to dance, all that is needed is to be able to listen to your body, which is ecstatic from it’s nature and can guide your dance!

This is a deep practice of self-immersion, the ability to learn to move totally present in the moment, free from social restrictions, gender, age and worldviews

This is a dance ritual of connection with yourself, your body and music, your true natural state.  
Feel the spirit of freedom, Carpathian mountains, ethnic practices and your ancestors through the ecstatic dance!

Become the Tribe!’

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