Living Tantra Retreat

A great opportunity to dive into the world of Tantra in Spain this August.

The retreat organisers say:

The living Tantra Retreat is essentially about living Tantra at every level of the human experience, so that it can be integrated into everyday life, rather than a 1 week “peak” experience that that doesn’t translate back home and can’t be maintained in everyday life.  As such every day of the retreat is dedicated to one of the chakras and covers the whole spectrum of life from our base chakras (safety, money, sexuality and power) to our upper chakras (love, relationships, purpose, intuition and connection to Spirit).  The retreat is specifically designed to allow for lasting awareness and change and does this by:

  • Immersing people in a beautiful blend of daily discourse, deep embodiment practices and evening temple ceremonies over 8 days, which are all working to rewire patterns at a grounded, body-based level
  • Proving each participant with a 140 page Living Tantra Manual that Chantelle has written, which details each days’ teachings, together with embodiment practices for each chakra.  This accompanies their journey and goes home with them so they have the necessary tools to integrate all they’ve learned and can maintain consistent ease, joy and power in their lives
  • An amazing Eliyah Support team that are present for participants during their processes if they need assistance, are available on breaks to answer questions and share their own journey, and maintain contact with participants after the retreat for after care support and help with integration. 

In essence we create an incredibly safe, supportive, yet empowering space so that people leave the retreat as self-responsible beings, able to stand in the world as whole beings and end the constant search for the “missing piece” to their suffering outside of themselves.’

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