Sunflower Retreats

Sunflower Retreat has a rich and wide range of activities to offer, such as yoga and meditation classes suitable for all levels, a variety of holistic therapies with organic products and a visit to the wild springs. You can also take your time to swim in the pool, cycle through the villages and hills, join a free guided walk through the Sabina mountains. With a small fee, you may also take Italian cooking classes, enjoy horse riding, go for olive picking in October or November, experience wine tasting, take trips to historic sites with a private driver, learn Italian or watercolour painting. After all, you will never have to sit and wonder what else to do with your time.

Casperia is a picturesque, serene, historic town that is easy to reach from Rome.

Sunflower Retreat offers multiple 7-day retreats in June, July, August, September and October. You can check the specific dates on their website.

The retreat organizers say:

“Since 1998 Yoga Retreat & Wellness Centre based in the hilltop village of Casperia Sabina near Rome. Daily yoga and meditation classes, Holistic healing treatments, optional activities including : Italian cooking classes, water colour painting classes, creative writing, horseriding and cycling. We also facilitate group leaders and teachers with their own group events and host retreats in Costa Rica since 1994.”

“Each of the houses in which Sunflower Retreats’ guests stay is within a couple of minutes walk from the others and from our yoga studios, breakfast lounge and treatment rooms. Your walk will take you through the winding cobbled streets of Casperia.

The unspoilt structure and atmosphere of the village gives you a unique feeling of being in a historic place in time-gone-by: A place of natural beauty surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and forest-covered mountains where you can watch the changing scenery from every angle.”

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