Chiron Transformational Retreats – Reconnecting with the Self Through Ancient Greek Wisdom

The Golden Verses. A Manual on Wellbeing by Pythagoras.

With most retreats out there offering the same rehashing of yoga, mindfulness and tantra, it’s great to see Chiron Retreats offering something different and insightful.  Based in the gorgeous Peloponnese peninsula in Southern Greece, they’re using ancient Greek texts – in this case the Golden Verses by Pythagoras – to explore its possibilities for personal change.

The retreat organisers say:

‘I’m excited to present you a new project that will take place on 3-7 June 2019, in Peloponnese, Greece, and I would like to invite you.

A 5-day retreat on “The Golden Verses: A manual on wellbeing by Pythagoras”

We will stay in a 4-star retreat facility, a stone’s throw from the temple of Apollo Epicurius.

In this programme, we will learn, step by step, how to build our magnificent self, based on the Pythagorean Philosophy and  Chiron Therapy. Chiron Therapy is  a modern psychotherapeutic approach, based on ancient Greek thought: Philosophy, Language Etymology, and the Myths/Archetypes of Ancient Greece.

Prices start at € 1.080 (VAT included). The fee includes:

·      Accommodation in the Abeliona Retreat, in spacious luxury suites (4 nights).

·      Full board – 3 meals / day with organic products, plus healthy snacks (5 days).

·      Transportation by private bus to and from the Abeliona Retreat.

·      Transportation to and from the Temple of Epicurius Apollo.

·      Daily classes, three times a day, on the Golden Verses and Pythagoras’ diet.

·      Guided meditation on Pythagorean Symbols (e.g. Sacred Tetractys)

·      Chiron Retreats Team of 8 people to take care of your needs.

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