The Living Village Festival

The Living Village Festival has a very nice goal: Eventually to have its own village. How? With the profits from the festival. Meanwhile they ask you, the future villagers, to join them, share, learn, dance and enjoy the music. The organizers think that, “Living Tree Architecture has the potential to solve many problems the world is facing” and that mindset makes us hope that they can become bigger than a village.

The organizers say:

“The Living Village festival is a stepping stone towards the realization of the first Living Village in the world: a village where houses are built from Living Trees. The Festival will save it’s profits so that within a few years we will be able to buy our own land and build the Village of our dreams.

Changing times is the only constant’ and its time to venture into a new Era in which we could take care of the earth, each other, learn to equally share and live our own reality of abundance and Love! Let’s gather our knowledge, wisdom and ourselves to reconnect with the joy and beauty in this world and Celebrate Life!”

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