To be confirmed: Phoenix Fire Convention

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event…

Phoenix Fire Convention, as the name suggests, is grounded on the love of fire. Whether you want to dance with the flames, watch them twirl around or just listen or tell stories around it, it will give you a chance to become a “fire person” for a couple of days.

The organizers say:

“The concept derives from the name. The element fire stands for all kinds of things in different cultures all around the world, but almost everywhere it is associated with power, passion, love and destruction.

That’s what we feel when we sit around a Firespace and watch the dancing flames or even become a flame.

The Power, which the fire gives us, the passion that can be seen in all the glowing eyes, the love for motion and dance, as well as the destruction of all our evil thoughts and feelings.

What could symbolize this primal force, this primordial spirit of change and life better than the phoenix?”

Learn more about the Phoenix Fire Convention.