To Be Confirmed: Hieros Gamos Festival

Hieros Gamos Festival is not just a festival. It is more like a weekend long experience in which you will become vulnerable and open to yourself and others. You will get the chance to open up and face your deep emotions but more importantly you will remember to face whatever comes to the surface with love.

The organizers say:

“The Hieros Gamos Festival is an exciting journey of discovery to the depths of yourself and the other. A festival to experience, empower and celebrate your being a man or woman. With music, dance, ceremonies, workshops, sharing and being together.

For women to investigate what true women’s power is and how to make it flow. To experience what it’s like to meet men with openness, sensuality and responsiveness, supported by the women around you.

For men to investigate what true manpower is and how to free it. To experience what it is like to meet women in all your strength, consciousness and potential, supported by the men around you.”

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