Nation of Gondwana-Pyonen

Nation of Gondwana is an outdoor electronic music festival. They have some amazing light installations and a long line-up. A “must” if you’re into electronic music and psytrance.

Camping on-site is included in the ticket price. The organizers say (according to Google Translate):

“Welcome to the twenty-sixth parallel semi-global tourism. ✭ The subversive agrarian pyons invite you to self-disengagement on the meadow in Grünefeld! ✭ Articulation acrobats leave your worries and go to the speechlessness cinema of the Nation of Gondwana. ✭ Noise symphonists support the drifting pleasure of sound wave riders with the help of light dispatches. ✭ Body literatures in sound columns are on the way to the hyperspace jump. ✭ Emotional glutamate is guaranteed. ✭ Flat rate removal is not granted!”

Learn more about the Nation of Gondwana.

Check their Facebook Event Page.