Transition Festival

Transition Festival takes place in a village where the tribal celebration never stops! You can expect psychedelic music and some solid visual arts.

The organizers say:

“Next 5th of May 2020 at 22:22h the 11th edition of this particular celebration will begin. We are talking about ‘Transition’, Spain´s pioneer psytrance festival, which has started in 2007 as a ‘secret rave’ and is nowadays able to aid you to overcome your darkest inner blocks.

Once you arrive at the gates, you realize it´s not any ‘common’ place. You find yourself in a privileged protected natural place with a warm atmosphere dwelling in the magic forest. If there is a word which defines this party, apart from its name ‘Transition’, it´s ‘FAMILY’. ‘Transition Festival’ is a vital experience of coexistence and transformation, a true wonder in the middle of nature.”

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