High On Life Tantra Festival in Estonia

Of all the things you can get high on, life must be the most addictive. You can get your next fix at the Estonian Tantra Festival.

The High On Life Tantra Festival organizers say:

“Nowadays an increasing number of people are looking to connect with oneself, their surroundings and with nature. Estonia is unique and unique in Europe, a place where real connection with nature is still possible. The air and water here are clean and can still be drunk from the source. The forests are mystical and people have retained the skill to naturally communicate with and call upon fairies and spirits of the woods. Living in harmony with nature has given balance to the people living here.

The High on Life Festival takes a bow to oneness with the self and the environment, to being together. The big city noise might have made us forget but despite that it is so simple and clear, right here. Adila camp is a perfect place deep in nature for connecting with yourself and others.”

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