Amsterdam Tantra Festival

The Amsterdam Tantra Festival is a 3 day festival with live music, workshops and apparently lots of exotic colours.

They are planning to do the festival this year but give a warning, “This is a possible date. We will announce it when this date can happen!”

The tantra festival organisers say:

‘Let tantra enrich your life! It expands consciousness and brings color in your life. This ancient teaching helps you connect with yourself and others. No matter what your experience is with tantra. This festival will give new insights and liveliness to your life. We provide a safe space with experienced teachers, a loving atmosphere with personal guidance, a vibrant atmosphere so you can flower more. We would love to see you in the full spectrum of colors that you are. This festival is for curious beginners as well as experienced tantrics. It is up to you how you wish to move in those three amazing days.’

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