Geneva Yoga Festival

The Geneva Yoga Festival is an event that takes you into the world of yoga with intensive workshops, live spiritual music, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

The festival organizers say:

“The GYAF has just been recognized as an association within the municipality of Meyrin. Meyrin is an innovative commune with the appearance of this new Eco-Neighborhood: ‘Les Vergers’. This district is still under construction and is a neighborhood that has been created and continues to be created in a participatory way and in which we will find different projects that promote social solidarity and sustainable development. In this context, the GYAF committee took the opportunity to bring this festival to life in an environment that promotes mutual values. Alongside, there was the opportunity to make a partnership with the yoga studio Satyam, located in that particular eco-neighborhood. Satyam ( is a space that seeks to make the practice accessible to all, regardless of life stories and budgets and therefore offers all courses on donation base.”

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