To be confirmed: Yangsheng Meeting

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event…

The Taiji Forum – Yangsheng Meeting organizers say:

“A gushing spring, a lively creek, a majestic stream, a delta that slowly but securely merges into the sea – the river of life! – Many colourful images appear before the mind’s eye when thinking about flowing water.

Perhaps the most beautiful association in Chinese culture connected to flowing water is „gao shan liu shui“ (高山流水). When two humans are like „high mountains and flowing water“, they understand each other intuitively and deeply, even though they are totally different in nature. – They thus share a world of their own, as the word for mountain (山) combined with the word for water/river (水) also means landscape (山水). Those two persons are true friends.

In this spirit of friendship, we invited 10 people, among them Qigong teachers, martial artists, TCM practitioners and philosophers – the person living closest from round the corner, the person living farthest away from Hongkong – to develop workshop ideas which connect their arts to the Yangsheng topic: Liu shui – Flowing Water.”

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