Siberian Contact Improv Festival

The Siberian Contact Improv Festival organizers say (according to Google Translate):

“9 days of immersion in practice is the possibility of a quality reboot, through movement, through dance, through being together. This is an opportunity to leave for a while from the space of conditional connections and relationships and remember who you are and why.

Classes at the festival will be held in an intensive format – from morning until late evening: classes, laboratories, jams, creative projects. Everyone himself, to the best of his strength and internal tasks, will be able to choose the desired level of immersion and intensity.

Place of the festival – Gorny Altai, base ‘Center of the Tao’ (The base is located on the bank of the Katun, 3 km from the village Chemal). Vegetarian food, 3-6 bed accommodation in the houses, classrooms, massage and tea spaces, evening bonfires and a sauna.”

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