To be confirmed: ECITE

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event…

The Ecite for Contact Teachers organizers say:

“As organisers, we are deeply considering the role of ECITE as a place for exchange, sharing and mutual learning. We believe every teacher’s active participation to the making of the event becomes a fundamental component in distinguishing it from a festival.

The process to define the concept has led us to a lot of questions/topics. We have then realised that every consideration we made was leading us to an underlying question:

What is the balance point between structure and chaos?

We believe this is a threadline relating both to the topics and the methodologies of the exchange. A question that we believe applies to different aspect of CI such as teaching, performing, trademarking, institutionalisation, how to become a teacher, how to organize events/classes/festivals and the way we approach this point of tension – tension of the unknown.”

Detailed information will be available on their website in the upcoming days or months…”

Learn more about the Ecite for Contact Teachers.