Stockholm Yoga and Dance Festival

The Stockholm Yoga and Dance Festival organizers say:

“Welcome to this year’s baby YoDa festival!

This year’s edition of Stockholm Yoga & Dance festival takes a new form for this year.

We gather our the heartfelt feeling of community and love for yoga, dance and meditation that we have had at our big festival and have it in a smaller form with a limited number of places.

We focus on one day with a maximum of 50 people.

We have a sweet opening ceremony with music, sharing and surprises and then have a soothing and energetic yoga session with Magnus Fridh and Sheila Arnell. Then we let go in movement and dance with Freemove Yoga with Angelica Nanda Schäfer and jOjo Norell.
We then end with Gong with Mateusz Krawiec and Mattias Sundman.”

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