Yoga Conference Germany

The Yoga Conference Germany organizers say (according to Google Translate):

“Welcome dear ones!

Under the motto “Growing toGather” we meet this year to grow together, to celebrate and to experience yoga in all its facets.

In front of us are four full days full of inspiring yoga workshops, speeches, music, kirtan, dancing and community among like-minded people.

In addition to our exciting line-up, an opening ceremony awaits you on Friday, from which you will slide straight from Shavasana into the wonderful sounds of the great musician Masood Ali Khan. We embed you in a room of strengthening yoga classes, heart-touching teachers, our lovable karma yogis and a colorful selection of jewelry and yoga accessories. We flow through the days with you. In the closing ceremony we listen to Dylan Werner’s words, listen to the silence and dance to the music of our couches.”

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