To be confirmed: G! Festival

G! Festival will give you just another reason to visit the breathtaking Faroe Islands. When you combine a beautiful landscape with nice people and good music, you can only get good times. That’s what G! Festival has been offering since 2002.

On their website, they have an extract from WIRED which explains why G! is not your typical festival:

“Urging readers to make the journey to the North Atlantic’s Faroe Islands, half-way between Norway and Iceland, WIRED concluded ‘if you’re bored with the same old bands playing the same old places, and you’re in the mood to try something dramatically different, G! Festival will be returning in 2013.’ Pin-pointing the appeal, WIRED found G! ‘authentic and weird. Almost secret. Yet welcoming, friendly and open. Like the Faroes.’ ”

Learn more about the G! Festival.