Festival Harmonic

There’s a strong bias among English-speaking people to go to English-speaking festivals.

So jump out of your comfort zone and go to hang out with some French hippies at the Festival Harmonic in the south of France!

The festival organisers say (via Google Translate):

“Cultivating harmony based on universal values, such as respect and benevolence, is the meaning that can permeate the vision of humanity to color its projects and its future, in the socio-cultural and artistic fields. , environmental and spiritual. The festival HARMONIC wants to be a platform for promoting and spreading this idea, with workshops, conferences, performing arts and electro / acoustic music (ambient, dub, downtempo, ethnic …) – ecologism of the body and the spirit.

Harmonic festival offers a relaxed and harmonious world of harmony, mind and soul in harmony with universal values, collective responsibility, sharing and caring.

The force of this event in their ability to gather performing arts, workshops, conferences and music (ambient, downtempo, dub, ethnic …)”

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