World Bodypainting Festival 2017

Whatever else the modern world may be, it’s certainly an interesting place for the artist who no longer has to limit their creativity to the canvas but can even take their brush to the human body, painting images that both accentuate and disguise the natural; daubing images on to the skin that play with texture, depth and contour while remaining works of art.

The festival organisers say:

‘The festival has a very long tradition and founded the modern bodypainting art movement. Artists from more than 50 different nations will do their best to stun and entertain visitors at the 20th anniversary of the World Bodypainting Festival, the world championships for Bodypainters. High quality Art creates a special experience for all visitors of the Open Air art park “Bodypaint City” combined with music and shows. The venue is situated in the inner city of the state capital Klagenfurt and framed picturesquely by the historical buildings of the theatre, the art house and the city gallery. The World Bodypainting Festival defines itself as a full-time Open Air art park.’

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