Irish Aerial Dance Festival

The Irish Aerial Dance Festival looks amazing.

It’s held in Donegal, which is the most remote and rainy part of Ireland, and along with a bunch of shows there are tons of classes in aerial dance with fabrics and swings and trapeze and hoops and all that circus jazz.

And this video sure makes one want to join…

The organiser of the festival, Fidget Feet, say:

“Fidget Feet are a pint-sized aerial circus company from Ireland. We tell our stories anywhere we can think of; in theatres, from cranes, hidden in forests, or swinging from buildings all over the world. Our performances are for everyone and we love to find new ways of telling our stories to new people. Since 2004 Fidget Feet has performed across five continents and to hundreds of thousands of people in some of the biggest festivals and venues across the globe. In addition to creating work, Fidget Feet is a strong advocate for the development of aerial work in Ireland.”

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