Yiddish Summer Weimar

YSW 2019: July 11 – August 18 and the FESTIVAL WEEK from July 27 – August 3

Yiddish culture gave us not just Woody Allen and Seinfeld but was once an integral part of Europe and the Yiddish Summer Weimar has a month of activities to keep the old traditions alive. There’s also a festival week in the beginning of August where you’ll hear some great klezmer music.

The organisers say:

In 2019 we recognize the 100th anniversary of the beginnings of the Weimar Republic. To celebrate the almost unimaginable outpouring of creative energy throughout Europe in that era, our special topic next year will be “The Weimar Republic of Yiddishland” – an encounter between the Weimar Republic and the politically virtual but culturally very real Republic of Yiddishland.

Thanks to a generous grant from the German Federal Cultural Foundation, we will draw on this extraordinarily creative phase in Yiddish cultural history to create an impressive array of brand-new projects with a superb roster of international artists.”

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