Faces Festival

To be honest, we’re not really sure what Faces Festival is all about but someone wrote in to us claiming it’s ‘a legendary etnofestival…very unique place in southern Finland & coolest hippy happy people ever’, which sounded good.

Plus we don’t have so many festivals in Finland listed here and we like to keep as big a geographical variety of events and gatherings as possible. From the looks of the website it’s not a big corporate event but something more homespun and friendly. And of course, being a festival in Finland, it’s by a lake.

The organisers say:

“Faces will continue as a happy and positive alternative and even an answer to those new tendencies of negative populism, attacks on immigrants, and all other cultures than they themselves claim to represent, narrow mindedness, and even on multiculturalism itself. Something that so strongly has surfaced with the arriving of the new refugees to Europa, and Finland. This weekend we’ll show how enriching multiculturalism is for all of us, for our lives, for our country, and for Finnish culture.”

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