Something to Smile About Festival

We don’t usually include music festivals on this site as there are just too many of them and then it would be hard to see all the unusual, unique, weird and wonderful festivals and gatherings that we have here.

But Something to Smile About seems to be a music festival with small bands and a big feeling. So here it is.

The organisers say:

“Something to Smile About is a small Grass Roots Festival, not just a festival of music, or arts, but a festival, in its base meaning, a gathering to celebrate, to throw off your worries and just enjoy the simple things. A welcome haven for those wishing to escape, meet like-minded individuals, dance, laugh, drink, play and just be merry. We are proud to hear people say that they came knowing no-one and left feeling like they were leaving their home and family. We are blessed to attract such an amazing group of people to our event and ourselves and every other Smiler invite you to join us!”

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