Into The Wild

A small beautiful festival that is drug and alcohol free, this one looks like a proper good family event for making memories both children and the grown will never forget.

We’re pretty sure this is a video of the festival from 2014 (because 35 seconds in heaven is better than 30 seconds in heaven).

The organizers say:

“Over the August bank holiday weekend, we create a beautiful summer festival, celebrating together under the midnight stars and sparkling summer sky – remembering that ecstatic wondering and longing for a place we can truly call home. Into the wild isn’t just a festival, its  a vibrant creative village of life and all its potential.  Come and join us in the majesty of the wild!

It’s a jam packed weekend of gorgeous music from around the world including folk, world music, hip hop, rock and other genres. We offer a broad range of free workshops, including archery, bushcrafts, foraging, yoga, meditation, art, crafts, song, dance, tantra, shamanism, drumming, lucid dreaming, printmaking and a whole lot more. Last year we had over 100 workshops, so there should be something to suit everybody.  

For families and the kids, we invite you to join us in ‘Scampsville’, our kids area brimming with  wild games, crafts,  dance, theatre, den building, stories, wild fire making, forest games, headdress making and lots more. This is our third year and last year sold out, so get your tickets quick!”

Check out more at Into the Wild. They also have a Facebook page.