To be confirmed: Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event…

When Europe has been cold and miserable for ages, Christmas is coming and it’s too early to join us in the Sahara, then you can always hop over to Israel for their December contact improvisation festival.

The Israeli Contact Fest is divided into 3 parts with the first in the countryside, then a long weekend in Tel Aviv, and then on the road travelling around Israel and down to the Dead Sea.

The organisers say:

“As practitioners of CI we engage in meeting, touch and dialogue.
The dance gives us an opportunity to listen, to get to know each other, and finally, to accept the other. As they are. Different than me. Without a need to convince, to be convinced, or reach an agreement.

For us, this is the meaning of coexistence.

We are aware, and sad, about the complex situation of life in this region. especially these days.
We live this reality every day.
We see dance, touch and CI as a powerful tool that may be used to build connections between people, between worlds, between cultures.”

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