To be confirmed: Ripollesdansa Dance Festival

For now, we don’t have any information on future editions of this event…

Ripollesdansa is a dance festival that offers free workshops and performances in the Catalonian town of Ripoli. It is founded by local dancers who wanted to revitalize their town with the spirit of dance and creativity.

The organisers say:

“RIPOLLESDANSA is a Micro Festival born from LOVE, in capital letters: LOVE to dance, LOVE of life, people LOVE, LOVE the people, LOVE culture. RIPOLLESDANSA has its own pulse and character is unique, bordering on utopia, thanks to the will of many people with his love, his unconditional support, his tenacity, his temperance and confidence, have believed and supported from the outset a microfestival of these characteristics confluence professionals and restless dance, they have the opportunity to interact and share their concerns for a week.”

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