Contact Festival of Lake Ladoga

The Contact Festival of Lake Ladoga organizers say:

“Organizers and hosts: Otto Akkanen (Finland), Artem Markov, Maria Grudskaya, Anastasia Saevich, Sasha Bezrodnova, Yana Sutina, Kirill Popov, Anna Titova, Tatiana Mikhailova and others.

9 days of discovery and adventure.
Open space, air, freedom, the vast sky above your head, islands and blue water.
Forest, glades, low rocks and soft sand.
We open CI, performance, the energy of nature and the animal power within us!
Summer days and white nights, held in a joint dance and co-creation.
Intensive CI for beginners and those who continue. Laboratories.
Classes for children and parents.
Arial Dance – dancing in the air.
Authentic movement.
Live music.

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