Yoga Games – Gothenburg

The Yoga Games organizers say:

“We look forward to an event with width from various forms of yoga, interesting lectures and workshops as well as a mix of international, national and local presenters. Our goal is to convey new experiences and to get more people to discover the wonderful world of yoga.

During  Friday workshops are organized with international and renowned yoga teachers. These go a little more into details than regular yoga classes and are popular both for yoga interested people as well as for yoga teachers. It is also during Friday that exhibitors move in to the health exhibition and it is optional for them to stay open on this day.
During Saturday and Sunday it is full schedule with classes starting 5-6 times per day in 4-5 different studios. When booking a day ticket you can choose 5 of the 6 classes per day. The whole health exhibition is open with free admission for the public.”

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