Wake Up! Experiment №∞

Wake Up! Experiment №∞ will give you an opportunity to learn new crafts, listen to interesting lectures and get acquainted with practices of inner growth. Wake Up! has been going strong for 8 years and is welcoming to people from all ages. This Festival is a good way to spend a few days alone or with your family in the nature around creative people.

The organizers say:

“Wake Up!” Experiment №∞ (4th-8th July 2018) is our initiative to spread and share what we’ve learned in live, which can enrich each and every person in a different way.”

“We will witness theatrical plays, cinema, acoustic concerts, theatre of the senses, folklore evenings with kukeri, fire-walkers, pipe players and an infinite horo, while for the little ones the program is meant to give them a taste of nature that will kindle in their hearts love for the earth.

PS The word ‘experiment’ is a term for a principal that implies no possibility of failure or success. Each experiment leads to results that enrich those involved in it by way of new knowledge and skills – a very rich soil for broadening one’s worldview.”

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