Raw Fruit Festival

Indeed, this festival is just what it sounds like. A bunch of folk getting together under the Spanish sun with random music, dancing as the spirit moves, open unregulated discussion, and eating fruit straight from the source.

The organisers say:

“The 2016 edition of the Raw Fruit Festival in Andalusia, Spain! 100% local organic fruits and vegetables, all locally produced and picked ripe, from melons, watermelons, figs to mangoes, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, etc!

The event is limited to 100 participants to make sure the participants can the chance to know each other and share. During the event, no talks are organized, no speakers are invited! Discussion groups are planned on different subjects where everyone can share his/her experience freely.”

Here’s one of a series of videos from Raw Fruit Festivals of the past. Check it out and get yourself in the mood for raw.

The organisers go on to say:

“Come enjoy the best season in the South of Spain. Come for the week to an Andalusian valley known for its well-preserved nature, and its rivers with swimming holes. It will be held at the end of the Summer, with plenty of sun, delicious and abundant locally grown tropical and Mediterranean fruits, and with great like-minded people! What else can one ask for?!

Our Festival is based on the idea of meeting new friends and sharing, in a natural environment, the best local fruits.

The Festival will be held at the beginning of September, when the fig season is at its best, when the melons are everywhere, and when mangoes, papayas and litchis are really bursting with flavor. As farmers ourselves, we are able to find the best quality fruit, and fruits that are picked truly ripe.

So, stop wondering, come enjoy the best tropical fruits from Spain, and load up before the winter, while meeting new friends! You can register for the Festival now; search among other people coming to find the ones near you to travel with; or just leave us your contact information, if you are not sure you are coming, but would like to receive updates.

The Festival is totally raw, vegan and obviously the use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs does not fit in the spirit of the festival. Anyone bringing in or consuming such products during the Festival will be asked to leave.

See you there.”

Learn more and get tickets at Raw Fruit or check out their Facebook page.