Cappadox Jazz Festival in the Underground Caves of Cappadocia

Dates To Be Announced

Jazz concert and art installations in, around and above the ancient cave city of Cappadocia in Turkey makes this a surreal location to party.

The organisers say:

“Cappadox is the definitive Cappadocia experience, a progressive multi-disciplinary cultural festival that brings a host of international and local contemporary art, music, nature and outdoor programs together. Set in the dramatic landscape of Cappadocia in Central Anatolia, Cappadox 2017 took place between 18-21 May, sponsored by Volkswagen. Cappadox 2017 Contemporary Art section have set out with the theme ‘Ways Out From The World’ through which diverse fields of the festival intersected with each other.”

Check out more at the Cappadox Festival website.

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